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When It’s More than Just a Bookcase

I was thrilled to learn that these fitted bookshelves shown towards the bottom of this blog, which I designed and built some years ago, were used in the backdrop of a portrait hanging on one of the magnificent, panelled walls of the Great Hall, Queens University Belfast.

Schierenberg, Tai-Shan; Seamus Heaney (1939-2013)



This particular portrait shows Irish poet, Nobel Laureate, and Queens University graduate Seamus Heaney. Attending the grand opening of the library in July 2010, he hailed it as “a star ship for our scholars” and said students did not know how lucky they were.


Reminiscing about his university days, he said: “I was used to the old library here, which was church-like. It had a Victorian Gothic feel to it, it had alcoves and had stained-glass windows. This is completely different. The electronic revolution has occurred. People don’t fill in slips to take books out anymore. They just plug in and tap in.”




I am far from challenging what Seamus Heaney said as obviously the digital age has indeed arrived. However, I have called my business ‘The Belfast Bookcase Company’, and why would I do that in this digital age? Who needs bookshelves now?

I stopped using a Kindle a few years ago and moved on to Audible as I found I didn’t have time to read. The advantage of Audible meant I could listen to two or three books a week. These days, my average listen is one book a week; however I have three good books at my bedside, and part of what makes me feel successful Is having time to turn some pages. I treasure this time and consider it an ultimate luxury.

The experience I have had over the last decade working with clients is that the need for books on shelves, whether it be in a set of alcove bookshelves, a one-wall scheme, or a full wall to wall library, is actually growing in demand, rather than declining.

I have had the privilege of working with client’s often who are often at the top of their field. The conversation and brief tend to be much more focused on a vision, always resulting in a project which is not just a simple set of shelves but an outcome with much more intrinsic value. The passion and the love for precious possessions – from books to collectibles and ornaments – is the reason to put the work into the vision and build a set of high-quality bookshelves.

What I do is create that parallel using my passion and a discriminating eye for detail. I’m committed to using a thorough approach and detailed process, with no shortcuts, which ensures every detail of your bookcases and cabinets works beautifully.

If you enjoy having your precious memories close to hand and displayed to treasure in beautifully crafted, high quality, custom-made bookcases and cabinets that stay looking good for years and you are thinking of a project and need help in bringing your vision to life. Please get in touch I will be happy to help.

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