We are all spending more time at home than ever before, even before the Covid pandemic arrived. Our homes need to provide multiple functions from offering a peaceful sanctuary for relaxing as well as a comfortable, clutter-free place to work or for the kids to be able to do their homework.

The Belfast Bookcase Company offer a broad range of bespoke, free-standing or fitted home office furniture. We design and create home office storage solutions to match seamlessly with your existing furniture and room decoration.

We can incorporate all your specific storage requirements including space for TV’s and home cinema screens, digital and media equipment, printers, games consoles, tablets, music, remotes, chargers, lighting and any other special items you may need storage for.

Not to forget that our bespoke furniture is great for storing files and folders, paperwork and books and any other business needs too! We pride ourselves on our range of fitted home office furniture, with a variety of styles and looks designed to suit all tastes.


No more working at the dining table surrounded by mountains of clutter, The Belfast Bookcase Company can create a dedicated home office space in even the most limited of spaces to provide you with a tranquil, creative working environment to maximise your productivity.

Creating the perfect work environment in the home could not be simpler with The Belfast Bookcase Company, so why not book a free, initial discussion and take the first steps towards bringing your vision for the perfect fitted home office furniture to reality.

You can also be sure that a Belfast Bookcase Company bespoke wardrobe and bedroom storage solution will last for decades to come. We have meticulous attention to detail in both the design, build and installation stages of our process.

How we bring your vision for the perfect fitted home office furniture solution to life?

  1. The Design Consultation is a crucial step in the process of getting your perfect bookcase solution. We take great care to work closely with you to bring your vision to life, showing precisely what your scheme will look like
  2. We conduct a survey of your room to create 3D image images to visually represent your ideas for the room and a quote. We use world-leading 3D CAD software technology to visualise your design to the highest quality photo realistic rendered images.
  3. The core manufacturing process is managed by our CAD design software ensuring accurate and strong construction in joints and case work.
  4. When it comes time to install your furniture, we ensure that it is carried out by our experienced employees who were involved in the manufacturing of your furniture at our workshop. This ensures installation is performed in a precise and efficient manner.

If you are looking to bring your home office storage vision to life, why not contact The Belfast Bookcase Company today for a free design consultation. You can call us on 028 9042 1357 or email us at

We can supply examples of our work that we have already undertaken to help inspire you and refine your vision, as well as numerous customer testimonials highlighting the quality of our work and customer care.

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